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Who are we?

               C.E. Mech Engineering Co., Ltd. started business in 1991 as a company that provides engineering services to steel mills and other industries. Initially, the company entered the steel mill industry by producing parts and repairing the electric arc furnace production line and has always served the country's leading steel mills until today. With the knowledge accumulated over 30 years and the trust of customers, the company can accept a wide range of tasks and expand the scope of work to rolling mills and other production lines in steel mills. In addition to factory services in the steel industry, which is our main business.

               The company has provided factory services in other industries as well, such as a wood factory, a food factory, a rubber factory, an electronic component factory. and many others with a wealth of experience accumulated, the company understands working in a variety of industries that need to focus on work quality, work safety. And the most important thing is to give advice to customers to be the most useful. to make the production of customers better, then the company will also grow.

          Inside of C.E. Mech Engineering. There are important departments, namely Design, Installation Engineering and Manufacturing, which enable us to provide complete customer service from start to finish uninterrupted.

About Us: About

30 Years of Experience

105 Employees

3 Factories

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